Update: Mastering Galera Cluster

Our Galera meetup event was fantastic!  We had a presentation about the concepts of Galera Cluster. And then we jumped right in and had a live demo of building a four node Galera cluster from scratch! We had a bit of difficulty before the event started.  We were at a new location, at Venture Hive.  It’s a great [...]

Reminder: Data Masters Meetup – Galera Cluster

Just a reminder that the next Data Masters meetup event is coming up, on Thursday, February 27, 7pm at the the Venture Hive coworking space in Miami. The building is at 1010 NE 2nd Ave in Miami. At this meetup event, we will discuss Galera  Cluster for MySQL.  We will go over the concepts of Galera and how [...]

Files from SOA Meetup Event

Sorry for the delay! But the files and videos from our meetup event on January 23 on Service Oriented Architecture are now available! The slides are available here.  The videos of the presentation are below!

Galera Cluster: New Data Masters Meetup Event

The next Data Masters meetup event is coming up February 27 at 7pm.  At this event, we will learn how to make MySQL highly available and super scalable with Galera Cluster!  Keeping database systems up and running is a huge challenge for most organizations. Making them scale easily is another challenge.  Galera Cluster for MySQL [...]

Reminder: Data Masters meetup – Mastering SOA

Just a reminder that the next Data Masters meetup event is coming up, on Thursday, January 23, 7pm at the Miami Innovation Center. The cafe is at 1951 NW 7th Ave  in near the University of Miami medical campus.  We will be in the third floor conference room.  Just park in the main lot and bring your parking [...]

SOA: New Data Masters Meetup Event

With all the holidays, its been a while since our last official meetup event. And our holiday party was a blast! (Thanks to everybody who showed up!)  But now its a new year, and its time to get back into the swing of things! We are kicking off the year with something a little different. [...]

Update: Neo4j Meetup Event!

Our Neo4j meetup event was fantastic!  We had a presentation about the concepts of graph databases and Neo4j specifically. We also had a live demo of Neo4j where we built a graph of the three main characters of The Matrix trilogy. We learned a lot and everybody had a good time! The presentation slides and [...]

Reminder: Data Masters Meetup – Neo4j!

Just a reminder that the next Data Masters meetup event is coming up, on Monday, September 25, 7pm at Planet Linux Caffe. The cafe is at 1430 Ponce De Leon in Coral Gables. This meetup event will focus on installing and running Neo4j. We will have a presentation on the basics, and then jump right into a live demonstration [...]

The NSA’s NoSQL Data Store: Accumulo

I found this fascinating article on PCWorld about the NSA’s home-grown (or government-grown, if you will) key-value store.  The fact that the government has designed and buit its own NoSQL database solution to fill its needs shows the lengths the government will go to get and store your data: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2060060/nsas-accumulo-nosql-store-offers-rolebased-data-access.html Now I’ll be one of [...]

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