Yearly Archives: 2013

Reminder: Data Masters Meetup – Neo4j!

Just a reminder that the next Data Masters meetup event is coming up, on Monday, September 25, 7pm at Planet Linux Caffe. The cafe is at 1430 Ponce De Leon in Coral Gables. This meetup event will focus on installing and running Neo4j. We will have a presentation on the basics, and then jump right into a live demonstration [...]

The NSA’s NoSQL Data Store: Accumulo

I found this fascinating article on PCWorld about the NSA’s home-grown (or government-grown, if you will) key-value store.  The fact that the government has designed and buit its own NoSQL database solution to fill its needs shows the lengths the government will go to get and store your data: Now I’ll be one of [...]

No Read Up - No Write Down

Data Masters Redis Meetup Was Awesome!

The latest Data Masters meetup event for our Data Masters group was awesome!  About fifteen people were there.  Everybody got a chance to learn about Redis. We installed in on CentOS, got it up and running, and learned how to create and manipulate several data types.  There was lots of enthusiastic audience participation, and we all drank [...]

A Bug Fix Race: MySQL vs MariaDB

A poster on wrote about a bug that was found in both MySQL and MariaDB 5.5.  He took the opportunity to post the bugs to both MySQL and MariaDB development communities, just to see who would respond the best. Brilliant idea! For some, the outcome is predictable, and not surprising. The MySQL bug has [...]