Data Masters Redis Meetup Was Awesome!

The latest Data Masters meetup event for our Data Masters group was awesome!  About fifteen people were there.  Everybody got a chance to learn about Redis. We installed in on CentOS, got it up and running, and learned how to create and manipulate several data types.  There was lots of enthusiastic audience participation, and we all drank coffee!

Congrats to all those who came and won a prize in our free raffle, like an awesome “I do Redis” t-shirt.  And congratulations to Mike Roach, who won the grand prize of a $25 gift certificate to!

The presentation and demo notes can be found here in the Data Masters folder.

Be sure to sign up for our next event on October 24, Data Modeling.  We will learn the fundamental skills of data modeling, and then use them to create a real data model for a fictional online bookstore!

Come on out and join the fun!  See you then!

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