Neo4j: New Data Masters Meetup Event

Just as we finish our last meetup event, we are headed straight into the next one!

Our Data Modeling event was a smashing success!  It was great fun collaborating with everybody to create a real data model. It’s such a foundational skill that everybody just jumped in and really took part.


Our next meetup event is November 25 at 7pm at Planet Linux Cafe.  We normally meet on the fourth Thursday of every month, but because of Thanksgiving, we are backing it up to the Monday before.

At this event, we will take the first steps to mastering Neo4j, the graph database.  Ever wonder how sites like LinkedIn can show you “2nd level” and “3rd level” connections?   Or how they can show you connections that you and another person have in common? This is how!

We will have a short presentation on the basics of graph databases.  Then we will have a live demonstration using Neo4j! We will start from a clean CentOS virtual machine, then download and install Neo4j, and start creating a data graph!

And of course… we will give out some cool prizes!!

This one is definitely going to be cool! Spread the word and RSVP here!

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