Update: Mastering Galera Cluster

Our Galera meetup event was fantastic!  We had a presentation about the concepts of Galera Cluster. And then we jumped right in and had a live demo of building a four node Galera cluster from scratch!

We had a bit of difficulty before the event started.  We were at a new location, at Venture Hive.  It’s a great space, and our host was awesome.  But with Meetup.com having an outage, some folks might have not been able to get the address of the new location. Also, we had some challenges with parking, as we were competing with the Miami Heat game playing right next door!

But all in all, it was a great meetup.   Those who did attend had a great time, and we had a bunch of pizza left over for people to take home!

The presentation slides and the notes/commands from the meetup are available here.

Looking forward to the next one!

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