Cassandra: New Data Masters Meetup Event

Can you believe it?? This event will mark ONE YEAR for the Data Masters meetup group!!  :-D

And we now have over 100 members!!  Very proud of what we have created.  Let’s make this event awesome!Cassandra

Our next meetup event is August 28, from 7pm to 9pm.  At this next event, we will have a guest speaker.  Marcelo Olivas, from 3Cinteractive  will be helping us master Cassandra, a column-based time series NoSQL database system.  He will give a presentation on what Cassandra is, its architecture, query language, and how best to leverage its capabilities.  He will then do a live demo! He will show us how to install, configure, and operate the Cassandra database.

This event will be held at a new location, at the Rokk3r Labs office in Miami Beach!   Rokk3r is a unique incubator / development hybrid, something they have called a “co-building” initiative. In addition to the co-working space, they help startups get their concepts off the ground by augmenting the startup’s staff with highly skilled architects, developers, and strategists.  Very cool! Rokk3r has generously offered us their space to use for our event!  Check the address here.  Their office is on the 8th floor.

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