Data Masters: Data Visualization with Next Big Sound

Our Data Masters event with Next Big Sound was a huge success!!  Mike Petrovich (@mikepetrovich) gave an awesome demo of the process and tools NBS uses to ingest massive amounts of data and turn it into something immediately usable with clear value.nextbigsound

Very open and engaging conversations all round, with tons of good info and sharing.  Even though we were only scheduled for an hour, all the conversation and discussion turned it into a two hour event!

I want to thank Mike Petrovich (@mikepetrovich) and Dave Zwieback (@mindweather) from Next Big Sound for help in coordinating the presentation.  Would also like to extend our gratitude to Charles Walter at Rokk3r Labs for hosting us once again, and for Brian Nunez (@briannunez) and Ranger Tech for sponsoring.  And the awesome gourmet pizza was provided by Visa-01, from right there in Miami Beach!

Intro slides are here, and also video and pics below! (Mike’s slides have been added as well!)

Get the word out, and lets make February’s meetup event just as awesome!

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