Data Graphing: A Case Study from Senzari

The Data Masters next meetup event is this week!

At this meetup event, we will continue with case studies, with a great guest speaker from local startup Senzari, Inc!

Senzari’s business is centered around graphing data from both the music and movie industries, to provide a highly targeted recommendation engine service, which can be found at  The service provides context aware, personalized data intelligence for music and movie choices by mining large volumes of entertainment-centric data in real time.


Fausto Fleites is the VP of Data Science at Senzari.  He will present an overview of graphs, graph databases, and discuss the data transformation and loading process required to ingest the open source music metadata catalog into Titan, an open source, distributed graph database. We will then open the floor up for questions, discussions, and collaboration.

Once again, this event will be held at the Rokk3r Labs office in Miami Beach!   Check the address here.  Their office is on the 8th floor.  Plenty of parking around the area or in the garage.  There is a cost for parking but its very inexpensive.

RSVP here!

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