Data Masters: Graphing Data with Senzari

Our Data Masters event with Senzari was great!!  Fausto Fleites, VP of Data Science at Senzari, gave an awesome presentation on the steps they use to extract data from the music data service, process it, and load it into a Titan graph database.  Then from there, they analyze the data and serve it up as part of their powerful entertainment recommendation engine!senzari

I want to thank Fausto and Demian Bellumio, COO of Senzari, for help in making this event a huge success!   Not only did Fausto give a great presentation, but Demian also gave out free tickets to the MIA Music Summit on March 26!  That’s a $200 value, just for coming to our meetup event!

Would also like to extend our gratitude to Charles Walter at Rokk3r Labs for hosting us once again, and for Brian Nunez (@briannunez) and Ranger Tech for sponsoring.

Slides are here, and also video and pics below!

Thanks to all who came! Looking forward to the next one!

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