Data Masters is Expanding! Call For Speakers!

Data MastersIt’s been a pretty amazing ride!  Through our humble beginnings on and Planet Linux Cafe (which has unfortunately closed), Data Masters has been going for almost two years.  In that time, we’ve had 13 meetup events, shifted our venue to Rokk3r Labs in South Beach, added a Ranger Tech as a sponsor, and we’ve grown to over 200 members!!

To put it simply: We have become THE premier data technology meetup group in South Florida!

So now, we are looking to expand! We have gotten so many requests to have events in Broward, so we are working steadily on finalizing a location.  Initially, we will alternate every month between Miami and Broward to spread the joy around.  Once we have the location and schedule nailed down we will get it broadcast out to everybody.

But that leads me to the next item: Speakers!  We are looking to create a roster of guest speakers!  If you are interested in being a regular speaker at Data Masters events, please reach out!  It’s opportunity to share your knowledge and build credibility in your area of expertise.  Topics can be wide and varied, and can cover pretty much anything data or database related.  We like to talk about big data, analytics, replication, data in the cloud.  You name it, we cover it. And we need speakers in both Miami and Broward. If you can do both, that’s even better!

So if you’re interested in being a regular speaker with Data Masters, reach out and let’s talk! I can be reached at

Congrats to all our current Data Masters members!  Looking forward to seeing you at our next event!

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