Galera Cluster: New Data Masters Meetup Event

The next Data Masters meetup event is coming up February 27 at 7pm.  At this event, we will learn how to make MySQL highly available and super scalable with Galera Cluster!  Keeping database systems up and running is a huge challenge for most organizations. Making them scale easily is another challenge.  Galera Cluster for MySQL addresses both by providing a highly-available data system where every node is read/write, and can easily scale up or down by simply adding and removing nodes.

This event will be held at Venture Hive at 1010 NE 2nd Avenue in Miami.

We will have a presentation to go over the primary concepts of how Galera works.  We will then have a live demonstration where we will install and stand up a four node Galera cluster from scratch!

And of course… we will give out some cool prizes!!

This one is definitely going to be cool! Spread the word and RSVP here!

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