Data Masters: Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Our next Data Masters meetup event is coming up soon!snowflake_logo

For this event, we will explore how to manage large scale data warehousing in the cloud.

The cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) are producing data at an unprecedented rate, recently surpassing data held on premise in data centers all over the world. Organizations continue to struggle capturing, transforming, and analyzing these complex data structures mixed with traditional relational style datasets using conventional MPP and/or Hadoop infrastructures.

We will have a guest speaker, Kevin Blair from Snowflake Computing, to demonstrate how Snowflake has tackled these challenges.

Snowflake Computing has taken a new approach by building a brand new database from scratch that is specifically designed for the cloud (elastic, decoupled, etc) and is capable of handling both structured and semi-structured data (XML, JSON, AVRO) at petabyte scale. Using ANSI-compliant SQL greatly simplifies data pipeline architectures and provides an alternative to the “data lake“, while allowing for analysis via existing BI tools in your environment.

We will have two locations for this event!  RSVP links are here:

Wednesday, September 16 from 7pm to 9pm at General Provision in Ft. Lauderdale.

Thursday, September 17 from 7pm to 9pm at Rokk3r Labs in Miami Beach.

Please join us for a discussion of these topics and a demonstration (focused on parsing semi-structured data) of this game changing technology.

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