Data Masters: Mastering Apache Spark

It’s been a while since our last meetup event! But we are getting the ball rolling again, this time in a new location!

Apache Spark

For this event, we will learn about Apache Spark!  Apache Spark is a general purpose, high performance cluster computing framework, especially used in Big Data. Spark replaces all the headaches of creating long and complicated data flows that might be needed on other platforms. Spark unifies different workflows under a simple and concise API so we can create very complicated data pipelines in minutes.

In the new IoT world, the enterprise is aiming for streaming solutions that allow us to use standard query language and machine learning algorithms across hundreds of terabytes at the same time. Spark lets us do all that without compromising performance, running up to 100x faster than other classic solutions.

Our guest speaker will be longtime Data Masters member, Nicolas Perez. He’s a software engineer at IPC, working on their Big Data platform, and he’s a MapR Certified Spark Developer.

Spark is the future of high performance computing, and it something you want to get your hands on.

Come learn about it at this event at TamboWorks in South Miami, from 6:30pm to 9pm!  It’s located at 5790 Sunset Drive in South Miami.

You can RSVP here.  Can’t wait to see everybody there!

Data Masters is back!! 

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