About Me!

andrewsimkovsky_300x300My name is Andrew, and I’ve been doing this data thing for way too long!

Over the years I’ve tried to explain my profession to people that are not in the technology industry. About half way through the first sentence I see their eyes glaze over, and I know I’ve lost them….

Those in the technology industry pretty much get it.  I do data.  And lots of it… As in petabytes of it!  “Peta…what??”  Yeah… just…. lots. Job title?  If it matters, here’s a few: Database Administrator. Data Modeler. Data Architect. Data Integration Specialist. Data Engineer. Data Replication Engineer, blah, blah….

Back in the day I started as your normal, run of the mill database administrator.  Managing a company’s databases, keeping them up and running, keeping them fast, and the data looking good.  I helped people get data into and out of the databases when needed.  When I first got into the business of data, I figured I would start with the one database platform that was ruling the data world… Oracle.  And that’s where I lived for many years.

Many things have changed since then.  Over the years, my work with data technology has expanded.  Oracle Corporation is now… well, Oracle, but that’s a different story and could probably take on a life of its own… I’m now designing, building, and managing large scale data platforms. People ask me which database platform I work with.  The answer is, well… all of them!  Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Berkeley, Redis, SQLite, Cassandra, MongoDB, CouchDB, CouchBase, Membase, Neo4J… There’s even a few more obscure ones.  By now I’ve racked up so many for the list I forget a few!

A technology solution is almost never driven by a single platform. A database product is just a tool, just one of many in the toolbox. In these ever changing technological times, you gotta stay on top of all of it.  You never know when you will need a unique solution to some obscure need.  And you do this long enough, you come up with a few doozies.  Like capturing 70,000 database entries into a single database per second just because somebody told you it was needed.  Or replicating from MySQL to Redis in real time.

I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt!  And I love it, and I keep coming back for more…

Wanna follow me on Twitter?  Add me as a friend on Facebook?  Wanna see my LinkedIn?  Or my resume page? Got a question for me? Something technical you want to ask?  Or maybe you just want to tell me how awesome I am!  Jump on the Forums, or shoot me an email at andrew@dbtekpro.com.  I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can… and hopefully my answer will make some kind of sense…

Good luck!