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Scaling Data and Apps in the Cloud: Data Masters Event

Ever wonder how apps like WhatsApp and Evernote were able to scale from tiny prototypes to huge successes with millions of users in such a short period of time? At this meetup event, we will be discussing an important topic for young, high-growth companies: Scaling. How do you take a new product and make it [...]

Cloud Database

Update: Mastering Galera Cluster

Our Galera meetup event was fantastic!  We had a presentation about the concepts of Galera Cluster. And then we jumped right in and had a live demo of building a four node Galera cluster from scratch! We had a bit of difficulty before the event started.  We were at a new location, at Venture Hive.  It’s a great [...]

Reminder: Data Masters Meetup – Galera Cluster

Just a reminder that the next Data Masters meetup event is coming up, on Thursday, February 27, 7pm at the the Venture Hive coworking space in Miami. The building is at 1010 NE 2nd Ave in Miami. At this meetup event, we will discuss Galera  Cluster for MySQL.  We will go over the concepts of Galera and how [...]