This page lists the database platforms I work with. It’s not meant to be a complete list. Just a few of the top ones I work with regularly. They are not listed in any particular order…. Ok that’s kinda a lie… but anyway!


MySQL has been the most popular open-source database for a long time. It’s about to be surpassed by MariaDB, and in a big way!


MariaDB is well on its way to dominating the open source relational database space. Keep an eye on that seal!


Oracle is the old dog in this group.  My love/hate relationship with Oracle goes way back.


Redis is one of the cool new kids in the neighborhood.  A “so fast, it’s sick” key-value store with some awesome data types.


MongoDB is one of them “store it my way” schema-less databases, storing data JSON-style.


CouchDB is another schema-less database using JSON.  I think Couch wants to pick a fight with Mongo!


Neo4J is quickly becoming one of my favorites!   A graph database! You know… like a social graph!  Friend of a friend…type…stuff….