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Data Graphing: A Case Study from Senzari

The Data Masters next meetup event is this week! At this meetup event, we will continue with case studies, with a great guest speaker from local startup Senzari, Inc! Senzari’s business is centered around graphing data from both the music and movie industries, to provide a highly targeted recommendation engine service, which can be found at MusicGraph.com.  The [...]


Reminder: Data Masters Meetup – Cassandra

Just a reminder that the next Data Masters meetup event is coming up,  Thursday, August 28, 7pm at Rokk3r Labs at 1680 Michigan Ave in Miami Beach. We will be on the eigth floor. At this event, we will have a guest speaker.  Marcelo Olivas, from 3Cinteractive  will be helping us master Cassandra, a column-based time series NoSQL database system.  He will give [...]

Reminder: Data Masters Meetup – Amazon RDS

Just a reminder that the next Data Masters meetup event is coming up, this Thursday, June 26, 7pm at the Miami Innovation Center at 1951 NW 7th Ave in near the University of Miami medical campus. We will be in the first floor conference room (just inside the  main doors and to the right).  Just [...]

Amazon RDS: New Data Masters Meetup Event

It’s been a while, but we are BACK!  The next Data Masters meetup event is coming up June 26 at 7pm. At this event, we will learn all about Amazon’s cloud database solution, RDS.  We will dive into running databases in the cloud with Amazon’s RDS, where you can easily create data stores in the [...]

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Update: Mastering Galera Cluster

Our Galera meetup event was fantastic!  We had a presentation about the concepts of Galera Cluster. And then we jumped right in and had a live demo of building a four node Galera cluster from scratch! We had a bit of difficulty before the event started.  We were at a new location, at Venture Hive.  It’s a great [...]

Galera Cluster: New Data Masters Meetup Event

The next Data Masters meetup event is coming up February 27 at 7pm.  At this event, we will learn how to make MySQL highly available and super scalable with Galera Cluster!  Keeping database systems up and running is a huge challenge for most organizations. Making them scale easily is another challenge.  Galera Cluster for MySQL [...]